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JULY 2014 ~ Chester Deva Rotary a donates to Cheshire Young Carers


Earlier this year Chester Deva Rotary members were set a target by the then President Stan Foxall to raise funds for a local charity’Cheshire Young Carers'(CYC). By various methods such as bag packing at a Chester Supermarket, a Curry Evening dinner and more recently a Fashion Show held at Crabwall Manor Hotel the £3000 target was raised for this worthwhile Charity.


The photo shows Chester Deva Rotary Past President Stan Foxall presenting a £3000 donation cheque to Lindsay Weaver Chief Executive Officer of ‘Cheshire Young Carers’ with  new Club President Barry James, Club Rotarians and friends looking on.

Currently Cheshire Young Carers(CYC) offers support to over 150 young carers from across Cheshire. CYC aims to respond to the needs and improve the life chances of children and young people aged 6 to 25 years, who are trapped in a life and circumstances not under their control.  These young carers will be providing care to a parent, sibling or family member who may have mental illness, entrenched substance misuse, physical illness and other conditions and / or disabilities.

These young carers need both practical and emotional support. They need the opportunity to play, have fun and achieve, just like any other young person. Their educational attainment may be affected, with little time to do homework or coursework they can fall behind at school.

Cheshire Young Carers(CYC) delivers a wide range of local support services to meet the needs of young carers in their own community. However CYC  recognise that the key to the success of their Organisation is their Volunteer workforce.

Volunteers serve in many capacities at CYC and these fall into the following areas: direct deliveries: administrative support: fundraising: leadership. Individual activities vary greatly after an assessment is carried out on each young carer’s situation. Volunteers may therefore serve as teachers, tutors or mentors. They may organise events, participate in fundraising activities, offer clerical support or assist in promotional events. By contributing their time, energies and talents volunteers help CYC fulfil fully the Organisations mission.

For further information on this Charity please go to website:

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