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AUGUST 2014 ~ Social visit to Walk Mill


Following our visit to Roberts Bakery our group of Chester Deva Rotarians and friends traveled on to ‘Walk Mill’ set in the Cheshire countryside at Waverton.IMG_0139

On arrival, we all sat down to a late afternoon tea, followed by personal tour of the Mill given by Andy the present Mill owner.

He told us, that although a cloth Mill had stood on the site for over a 1000 years, it was only converted to a Flour Mill in 1727. However due to the decline of these sort of Mills, the Mill fell into disrepair and was demolished in 1969.IMG_0142

Only in recent years did Andy purchase the farm lands and discovered the past Mills history on this land. He made the brave decision to revive and rebuild the Flour Mill on the footprint of  what had existed so long ago. The present Mill and workings came from the reclamation of parts of three old demolished Mills. Today the Mill produces mainly white flour and brown flour to special orders from locally grown grain.


The Water Wheel driven by water from the River Gowy.


The main gearing of drive shaft to the Grinding Stones above.


The Grain Hopper feeding the grain to the Grinding Stones below.

Our thanks go to Andy and his family for the personal tour and hope his business continues to  flourish in the future.

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