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August 2014 ~ Trip to Local Bakery


Chester Deva Rotary members and friends made a visit to Roberts Bakery at Rudheath, Northwich and were shown around the Company site which includes the main Bakery and The Little Treats Company. The tour of the site of this family run business was given by our guides Geraldine, Jen and David, with a summary of the History of how Roberts Bakery came to be a successful business was given later by Keith in the Conference Room.IMG_0134 We all had to wear protective gear before the tour to conform with Health and Safety regulations. Shown here are part of our party, don’t we look a jolly lot!

It was agreed by all that we were impressed with the production facilities and had gained a better knowledge of the Bakery industry and the varied products.

Our thanks go to the management and staff of Roberts Bakery for allowing us to visit the Company and making it such an interesting afternoon.

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