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December 2014 ~ Club Christmas Party


Rotarians , Partners and friends journeyed out on a frosty night to the Goshawk in Mouldsworth, Chester for the annual Club Christmas Party.

Having pre-ordered from the menu our individual meals were quickly served. IMG_0001


This left plenty of time for some of our talented  members to provide an evening of entertainment.IMG_0003

Musical entertainment was provided by Tyrone on his guitar playing a few tunes in the classical manner( a touch of the David Williams?).


He was followed by Ray ( Electric Organ) and Judith (on the Saxophone) who gave us a medley of tunes, allowing us all to sing a long to some of the old favorites.

Although it was noticed, many were singing their own words to some of the songs, as they claimed they were too young to know the words.


Alison with an amusing game of parcels ended, what had been an evening enjoyed by all, with a wish of  a safe journey home from our Club President.

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