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January 2015 ~ Disaster Zone Experiences


The Rotary Club of Chester Deva welcomed speaker Asad Syed, a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Wrexham Hospital, who talked to Club members on his experiences in disaster zones around the world.

Asad Syed  welcomed by  President Barry James, Janet and Ian Wilson.

Asad Syed welcomed by President Barry James, Janet and Ian Wilson.

He recounted on times when as part of a team of surgical experts, he was sent from the UK to operate on patients following major earthquakes in Kashmir (2005), Indonesia (2009) and Haiti (2010).He gave specific stories of  emergency cases he attended and of some sad stories of poor medical procedures he witnessed that can happen in the aftermath of major earthquakes.

He considered time delays on medical treatment given, sometimes longer than a week,can be a big problem and worth addressing in these situations.He would always advocate a solution, by ensuring better education of the medical staff on the correct treatment, that should be applied to the the type of injuries that are common in earthquake  situations.He also believes correct allocation of  medical equipment and supplies, together with quicker response times by all Disaster Relief Organisations, would save many more lives in these type of emergencies.

Members thanked speaker Asad for his interesting views on the medical traumas experienced in disaster zones.

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