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March 2016~ Speaker on Urban Farming Project


Rotary Club of Chester Deva were visited by Rtn David Acton, who gave the members an insight into a project being championed by his own Rotary Club of Rochdale. He explained that whilst Commercial Urban Farming done on a large scale can be impressive , but expensive to set up; whilst a simpler, cheaper idea of hanging carrier bags on a frame to grow vegetables, salads, herbs can help feed people worldwide.

Rtn. David Acton explains Urban Farming Rotary Project.

Rtn. David Acton explains Urban Farming Rotary Project.

‘Urban Farm’ is the registered trade mark for growing containers, that are water, space and cost efficient.

The object is that Urban Farm can be used by Schools, Food Bank Farms, Urban Co-operative Farms, small or medium enterprises or as hard standing allotments. These would give quality employment, for unskilled labour or people with disabilities, capable of creating a vast Agricultural Industry any where in the World.

David told us this project is already being trialed in many Countries Worldwide from the UK, Canada, Kenya, India, Bangladese, Germany, Norway and Iceland. This he considers proof, that any arid Country, or one where land is under-utilized can be used as an Urban Farm.

For further information on ‘Urban Farm’ contact David Acton by Email:


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