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June 2016 ~ Rotary Supports Homeless Charity in Chester.


Rotarians of Chester Deva arranged to Bag Pack for Customers at Tesco Store, Frodsham Street, Chester, as a fund raiser event for Local charity  Chester Aid to Homeless (CATH).20160625_11553320160625_14251320160625_11543720160625_161828

CATH was founded in 1972 by a team of volunteers to provide help and support to Chester’s homeless community. The Charity developed over 4 decades to become a leading homeless charity in the City of Chester providing a wide range of services.

However on 2012 the Charity lost the Chester Council grant support, but survived as a much smaller Charity for the homeless people, offering support, encouragement and a safety net to those in crisis.

To date this Charity provides advice and help with accommodation, outreach and resettlement for young homeless and disadvantaged people.

Our thanks go to Tesco Food Store in Chester, their staff and Customers, who supported Chester Deva Rotary on this fund raiser for this worthwhile local charity.

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