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Chester Deva Rotarians and their guests met at ‘Escapism’ Chester a game challenge for all.

Having split into 3 teams of four persons, each team chose individual rooms either easy or hard. They were then locked into one of the Live Escape Rooms and were told, “there was only one way in & one way out”. Each team was given one hour to escape their chosen individual Rooms by hunting the clues, cracking codes and solving puzzles.

The three Rooms chosen were  1) ‘Area 51’ – Where the team had to escape the laboratory or die of the virus?

2) ‘The Missing’ – Where the team must solve the mystery of missing friends in the forest or themselves be lost forever?

3) ‘Taken’ – Where the team taken hostage must break free of their kidnappers?

Unfortunately only one of the three teams actually beat the clock and escaped their room in the allocated 60 minutes.

This team Ian, Simon, Karine and Malcolm escaped ‘Area 51’, a high difficulty room by working as a team through the clues, codes and puzzles to escape early from this room.

The ‘A’ Team Escaped “Area 51”

The other teams although close, needed to be released after the 60 minutes from their escape rooms as the game time had run out.

However all agreed that the social evening had been challenging and a great success.

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With the number of polio cases around the world down into the teens for 2017, it is easy to forget that the disease once ravaged the United Kingdom. 1957 saw the largest outbreak of polio ever in Northern Ireland, with 297 people contracting the disease in Belfast during the year.

Read more:
Survivors mark 60 years since Belfast polio outbreak

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After the massive earthquake of 2015 in Nepal, Chester Deva Rotary made enquiries of Honorary member Howard Trillo, who had visited Nepal earlier that year if he could recommend an International project Chester Deva Rotary could assist on.

Nepal suffers earthquakes and floods each year, so after much correspondence with Howard’s contacts in the Kavre District of Nepal, it was decided to assist in funding for a new classroom for a school in the Shlwalaya Secondary School, Kallari-Balde, Kavre District.

During 2016, £3000 funds were raised by Chester Deva Rotary members through many ways such as Social Curry evenings, Bag Packing in Local Supermarkets. Application for a matching grant to Rotary District 1180 was successful and contact was made with the PDG Delendra Shrestha from the Kavre Banepa Rotary and Tilak Lama a village elder of Kalleri-Bolde to coordinate the project and monies transfer.

A delay then pushed back rebuilding works, because the Nepal Government delayed International Aid rebuild projects with new standards on earthquake-resistant buildings, which had to be taught to building technicians throughout the country.

New School Classroom is completed.

Early 2017 dry weather in Nepal allowed the new classroom to be built and finished in June 2017, ready for students to use in the next school term. As can be seen from the photo Nepal have different building standards to the UK, but a small amount of money goes a long way.

Recently Chester Deva Rotary received a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ from the School in Nepal for the Classroom funds.


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This week the #iwill campaign is celebrating its fourth year of success and Rotary has plenty to celebrate too. In February 2014, Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland pledged to create 125 new Interact clubs and 300 new RotaKids clubs by 2020, helping young people to revive and rejuvenate communities

See the article here:
Rotary fulfills Interact #iwill pledge for youth social action

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Chester Deva rotary members, partners and friends met for a social night out on a Ghost Tour of Chester.

Lawrence Holland a friend of Rotary acted as the Guide, starting at the Bridge of Sighs showing the buildings and areas of Chester, where hauntings and poltergeists have been experienced.

It was noted many of the ghosts mentioned on our tour, were ladies that had taken their own life in their misery, after loosing the love of their life.

After a quick stop-over in the Marlborough Arms for a small refreshment, the Ghost Tour continued to the Chester Roman Amphitheartre, the St Johns Church and ending close to the River Dee, with a story of witches and their gory demise in times long ago.

All agreed, that the tour ghost stories had been both interesting and entertaining, thanks to Lawrence.

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New lease of life for Rotary Service

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It was in treacherous seas in the English Channel back in 1987 that the lifeboat Rotary Service came into its own. Based at the RNLI lifeboat station in Dover, the 50-foot steel-hulled craft came to the rescue of a 1,500-tonne cargo vessel being battered in a hurricane. Acting Coxswain Roy Couzens was later awarded an RNLI silver medal and the Maud Smith Award for outstanding and bravery and seamanship after saving three men from the stricken vessel, while her six volunteer crew received RNLI bronze medals.

Read the original here:
New lease of life for Rotary Service

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The inspiring true story of a polio sufferer’s fight to live life to the full is hitting cinemas today. Breathe stars Andrew Garfield as Robin Cavendish who contracted the disease in Africa and undeterred by his condition, spent the rest of his life advocating for people with disabilities and popularising a new wheelchair with a built-in respirator.

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Polio story Breathe in cinemas now – Jonathan Cavendish Q&A

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Members of the Scottish Parliament recognised World Polio Day showing their support for Rotary’s efforts to eradicate the disease across the world. They attended a photo call immediately after First Minister’s Questions on the Garden Lobby stairs in the Parliament, donning their Rotary purple crocus buttonholes

See the rest here:
Scottish Parliament celebrates World Polio Day

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To mark World Polio Day, millions of Rotarians, campaigners, vaccinators, supporters and volunteers came together to celebrate World Polio Day. Social media was absolutely buzzing around the world – here are our highlights! Rotary goes live to the world One of the highlights of World Polio Day is always Rotary’s worldwide live stream event. This year came live from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation HQ in Seattle, with over 100,000 people around the world tuning in.

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World Polio Day 2017 – Best of Social Media

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In 2017, we are closer than ever to eradicating polio for good.

See the original post:
Meet the people on the front line of polio eradication

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