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Club Officers

PRESIDENT ~ Simon Groom


Vice President & Youth Liasion

Anu Brown IMG_0039 (2)

Past President- Ken Salter

+ Community /Vocational Services

Ken Salter 2011

Treasurer – Barry JamesBarry James IMG_0082 (2)

Secretary –  Stan Foxall


PR  & Website Administrator- Malcolm Wilson 

Membership & Almoner – Susan Lebreton-TowellIMG_0001


Foundation Services – TBA

International Service ~ Norman HoldingNorman

Fund Raising/Club Services -Ty Price

Speaker Liaison –  David Braithwaite

Hotel Liaison – Peter Holloway


The Club is organised into committees to cover individual aspects of Rotary and the everyday meetings.

The Committees and months are :-

Community/Vocational Services: Ken Salter, Gerry Pachter  (Responsible for arrangement  December 2017/ January 2018)

Foundation :TBA   (Responsible for arrangement February 2018)

International Services:  Norman Holding, Stan Fielding & David Braithwaite (Responsible for arrangement September 2017  & April 2018)

Youth Liaison:  Anu Brown, Stan Foxall, Malcolm Wilson  (Responsible for arrangement of  August 2017 &  March 2018)

Fund Raising/Club Services: Ty Price, Gerry Pachter, Simon Groom, Barry James, Alison  and Malcolm. (Responsible for arrangement of  November 2017 & June 2018)

Membership Development: Susan Lebreton-Towell, Stan Fielding, Barry James (Responsible for arrangement of October 2017 &  May 2018)

Club Ambassadors: Ian Gearing,  Anu Brown (Responsible for arrangement Other Club Visits)

Speaker Liaison: David Braithwaite (Responsible for booking speakers in consultation with each Committee chair).

Hotel Liaison: Peter Holloway (Responsible for any contractual dealings with Hotel on behalf of club).